Performing service through Weektron

Weektron Service Management

Would you like your business to consist of practical solutions, while your customers receive a lasting, secure and sophisticated service?

We present to you a small, but large enough, revolution in service management: Weektron.


Many businesses based on direct services, where clients make appointments, have been functioning in an identical way for decades, if not hundreds of years. This means that the owners have found efficient methods to charge for their services, and these methods obviously work.

Service providers simply like to be contacted directly by the customer. Their appointment should be, also, confirmed through direct communication. This way, the mutual trust is created. And that is a key thing for the client to continue to use the service in the future: to have direct communication and to build trust.

With all this in mind, the Tensor View team has produced an intuitive management software, Weektron, that will not be a rigid machine by which the client only gets the number, time and information on how much to pay.

To overcome this, Weektron has a feedback system where the feed is given to the client by the service provider, directly.

In this process, customer data is compiled so each specific request is recorded, included in the service, and validated by the service provider.

Through the symbiosis of direct communication and intuitive technology – the client’s trust is asured.


Another advantage of Weektron smart software is that, unlike the traditional way of scheduling appointments during working hours, there is no time limit.

You can schedule an appointment 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about whether and when you will get an appointment at all.

In a short period of time, you will receive a confirmation that everything is fine, that your request has been accepted, along with any possible accompanying requests that you may have.

Conversely, the service provider will be notified via Weektron, so the whole process will be done to everyone’s satisfaction.

That is why Weektron is the most functional tool possible because it always works and works for everyone!