Future Projects and Upgrades

weektron Projects

Weektron started as a start-up with a mission to help entrepreneurs to achieve their maximum. Through organizing your appointments you will quickly see the benefits for your business. But, as your business grows, Weektron grows with you. Helping dozens of big enterprises and small companies to become more profitable in a matter of a few months is our passion. And what is better than mixing your passion and business?

Vision of Future

Weektron is a SaaS model that you can use without any installation, it’s completely responsive so you can run your appointments on the go. With free upgrades that we guarantee all the time and a customized all-in-one calendar, your work is with you whenever you need it. There are three projected phases of our work:

Phase 1 

After we put all the packages in the air we will go to new functionalities to adjust the application itself to make it as accessible as possible to users. You will be able to:

  • Change The theme/color 
  • Choose dark mode, 
  • Use the multilingual app, 
  • Change currency,
  • Logging in via Google & Facebook, 
  • Have double working hours.

Phase 2

The following phase is making appointments through this application. Each business owner would have his own subdomain and on that page, customers would see free slots and make an appointment. You will receive a notification where to accept the term, reject or suggest another term. We will also add direct payment and chat options. Send emails, SMS, and newsletter reminders to previous clients to motivate them to use your services again.

Phase 3

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence to upgrade user experience and Data Science. Track conversion of your recall campaigns & see how many extra bookings and revenue it’s bringing to your business. With records, you may gain deeper insights and save time by automating the compilation of reports and statistics.

In the future, we have a plan to make mobile apps for Android and iOS so that your customers can book your services even faster and easier.