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Monthly Yearly
1.100RSD 11.000RSD
/ Per month/ Per year
Trial period 15 days
Monthly Data Backup
Ticketing Support
Unlimited number of data entries
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Include extended Basic plan:
- Trial period up to 20 days
- Weekly Data Backup
- Email and ticketing support
Own booking page
Multiple Account
Online Client Appointment
Service template for your business
Comes by the end of the year

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Weektron is the greatest tool for scheduling appointments, whether you're a little business or a large corporation. The customer service is also excellent, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Garth Coh Sales Manager
I've been looking into online scheduling solutions for a while now. Most of them were difficult to use or were prohibitively pricey. Weektron has performed admirably.
Mark Reeder Hairdresser
It was incredibly simple to get started and schedule an appointment to cover the areas where I still needed assistance. Weektron is simple to set up and has good customer service.
Lilian Brim Veterinarian