About Weektron

About Weektron

What is the best thing for your business?

Maybe you think that question is too broad to answer in a few words, but the truth is much more straightforward. Long-lasting relationships with your customers are the most important thing for success. Simply expressed, the 80/20 principle states that only 20% of the causes for a given event produce 80% of the effects. This concept has been applied to a multitude of fields in business. For example, just 20% of an organization’s income comes from 20% of its clients. When used correctly, the 80/20 principle can be a very valuable tool for focusing resources on the areas that yield the best outcomes.

You know how important it is to cherish your customers, and how easy it is to lose their attention. In today’s world customers have more options than ever, so it’s crucial to make them tied to your company.

Advantages of Weektron

With Weektron you will never lose any client due to overlapping schedules or missing appointments. Say goodbye to old-fashioned appointments, we are offering you a digitized solution to your problem. Your prospects can make appointments 24/7 with our app, in just a few seconds without unnecessary dragging or bugs. Benefits of Weektron:

  • User-friendly – making appointments easier for your clients and for you.
  • Intuitive – short period of adoption to software.
  • Profitable – say goodbye to empty slots in your schedule.

Our centralized booking app is available to you on any device, because it’s browser-based, which gives you full control of your business. We know that time is the most valuable resource today, and with our app, you will have more time to focus on more important aspects of your business. And that’s why we are sure that your customers will come back to you with a smile on their faces. This is the best proof of your success than any award you can get. 

The future of your business is here! We don’t promise you maximizing your business, we guarantee it! Give us a call right now and find out how to make the best deal for your company!